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Taking Your Child to Surgery - Some Useful Tips

My 4 year old had to have his tonsils and adenoid out about a month ago.  I accompanied him into the theatre and stayed until he was anaesthetised.  He settled onto the bed easily, accepted the mask on his face without a twitch, closed his eyes and immediately went to sleep.  The nurse was astonished.  She asked “is he always this compliant?”  While he is a good kid, he’s a pretty typical 4 year old.  When I told her we’d practiced for the operation the night before she said “bless you – it makes it so much easier on everyone when they (and you) are calm and well prepared”.  I wondered why they don’t suggest it when you book in for surgery. Here’s what we did – in case it can help someone else: ·We only told him about the surgery the day before.  No point letting him build it up in his head.  He’s ok with change and isn’t wedded to routines, so we didn’t want to give him too much thinking time. If he struggled with change we may have told him earlier. ·The evening before we told him we w…

How To Switch To Healthy Cosmetics?

Once upon a time....
There was a girl who fell in love with perfumes and all scented cosmetics and household products. She also loved expensive face creams and body lotions, strongly believing in their advertised "magic", and always having dozens of them in her bathroom.
Then one day very ugly and itchy patches appeared on her body and she ran to the doctor. The good news was that it had nothing to do with bacteria, the bad news was that she had to find out what she used she became allergic to. 
That girl was myself, and that was when my journey in the cosmetics and toiletries research started.  Well, it wasn't easy at the beginning. I started with changing my washing powder  to another one having a baby on the bottle, thinking that it was more gentle (now I know it actually wasn't), and I changed my perfumed body lotion to a baby lotion, which I thought was very gentle, designed for babies (actually they contain even more harsh chemicals...).
These changes didn't mak…