9 Tips How To Make White Pretty Vagina

9 How To Whiten Crotch + Tips For Not Black 

9 Tips How To Make White Pretty Vagina
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Natural Ways to Whiten Crotch | Here's How To Whiten 9 Preventing Groin Groin and Tips To Not Black. Let us consider how to whiten groin naturally and permanently below.
The majority of Indonesia's population discount crotch black skin color. These colors do not cause disease, only to reduce the level of confidence a person. Especially for a woman who would have sex with her own husband.
The black color in the groin is influenced by several factors such as age, often shave the pubic, wearing tight trousers of synthetic materials, unstable hormone, lack of vitamins, obesity, biscuits dead cells that accumulate, irritation and infection.
To maintain health around the sex organs, would be much better if you want to whiten groin using natural ingredients made from fruits and vegetables or spices. By using this method can alleviate the side effects that can occur, but that with natural materials can save money and be safer for the long term. Therefore, we provide tips on Natural Ways to Whiten Groin below which can do at home.

9 Natural Ways to Whiten Crotch

How to whiten naturally crotch to do with 9 the most effective way. Here's how to whiten groin black naturally and more quickly following:

1. Using Lime and Lemon.

The content of vitamin C in lemons and limes can help you to naturally whiten groin. Not just whiten groin alone, lime and lemon as well as to brighten the black leather crotch. Here's how:
  • Take a lime or lemon to taste
  • Cut into 2 parts
  • Rub it into the skin crotch section after each shower
  • Rub gently for 10 to 15 seconds
  • Rinse with warm water

2. Using Turmeric Powder.

Whiten groin (crotch) with turmeric powder - Compounds yellow pigment in turmeric can work with a groin whiten naturally and quickly. You will feel a change in the skin's crotch when it was 1-2 times of use. How to make:
  • Take 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder
  • Mix with warm water until the pasta
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Apply to the groin for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Rinse with water and soap to clean

3. Using Cucumber.

The content of minerals and natural vitamins in cucumbers, can increase the brightness level and tighten skin naturally including leather crotch. Here's how:
  • Take a cucumber taste
  • Puree cucumber and add a little honey
  • Oles and apply on the crotch less than 30 minutes

4. Using Kapur Sirih

Whiting with betel leaf is widely used by ancient people to strengthen teeth because many contain calcium.Whiting are usually made of rocks that burned to ashes with white.
In addition, to strengthening teeth, whiting also be used to whiten groin itching due to needle naturally. The trick is:
  • Prepare the lemon juice and whiting
  • Combine both ingredients until smooth, then apply to the groin to dry
  • Clean the crotch of whiting scrub with warm water until no trace

5. Using Stone Tawas

Alum stone can be purchased in the market that was traditionally used to purify the water. But you need to be careful if you are allergic to the alum stone then you should not use it.
Stone alum is aluminum sulfate [Al2 (SO4) 3.18H2O] and can also be used to whiten groin ringworm scars caused by fungi, as well as anti-bacterium. Here's how to whiten groin or groin black fungal using alum stone:
  • Mix alum stone into the water until dissolved and the water form a paste
  • Spread batter into the crotch alum and let it dry
  • After that, you simply rinse with warm water to clean

6. Using Honey and Cinnamon

A mixture of honey and cinnamon (which is commonly used as seasoning) can be used as a natural way to whiten groin. Here is the recipe:
  • Take cinnamon powder and mix it with honey to form a paste
  • Spread the batter into the groin or groin after every shower for half an hour (30 minutes)
  • Seca Perform routine to get the best result in the crotch whiten black with honey and cinnamon is.

7. Using Rice Flour.

Not only to whiten the face, rice flour can also be used to whiten groin. Which plays an important role in skin whitening is a vitamin B complex therein. How to whiten groin black naturally are:
  • Prepare rice flour taste
  • Mix the rice flour with lemon flavorings and taste of warm water until the dough is shaped pasta
  • This dough Aplikasikana groin until blended
  • Allow 30 minutes so that the mixture can be pervasive
  • Rinse with warm water, this way you should do every after bath

8. Use Orange Skin Whitening Groin.

After you eat citrus fruits, do not immediately throw away the skin. Orange peel you can use to scrub removes dead skin cells that can cause groin or other areas of skin blackened. For maximum results, you can add lemon or lime juice. Here's how:
  • Take orange peel taste and dry in the sun to dry
  • Blend the orange peel to be gentle with blender
  • shed lemon juice to form a paste dough
  • Rub to all parts of the groin area evenly for 5 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water to clean

9. Using Toothpaste Whitens Groin.

Toothpaste is known to be able to remove blackheads naturally and quickly, but there are many other uses of toothpaste. Usefulness toothpaste also you can use to whiten your crotch blinking effectively and naturally.Here's how:
  • Clean the groin area first
  • Take herbal toothpaste taste
  • Apply evenly to the entire skin of the groin
  • Let stand for 30 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water to clean

Groin Whiten Tips To Not Black Back

After going through intensive care in the way mentioned above then you will get a clean white crotch. There is a proverb says prevention is better than cure, is not it? Now you can use the following tips to prevent groin blackened back:
  1. Wear loose pants. Avoid wearing tight pants with cool materials used will help reduce the incidence of groin black.
  2. Shaving pubic with scissors. When you shave the genitals with a razor blade will make the genitals and groin to black, to prevent then use scissors to shave
  3. Do not use the powder in the pubic area to prevent your crotch black
  4. Avoid fatty foods and high cholesterol can lead to obesity. If you are already obese then immediately do a good diet and the right to lose weight
  5. Consume water as much as you can, at least 2 liters per day for one person so that you can regenerate skin with the maximum and launch circulation.
That's some Natural Ways to Whiten Groin most effective with permanent results that we summarize for you.You have to wear them regularly and correctly so that you can get maximum results. If the black stains on your crotch does not go gray, you are encouraged to consultation and treatment to a specialist who can find a solution.


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