Injectable Silicone: Side Effects And Dangers Incurred

salts silicon is an illegal practice and banned in some countries because it carries potential health risks In Indonesia there are no specific rules that allow or forbid this practice. Therefore , you are highly recommended to avoid the practice of silicone injections .
Silicon is known as a polymer compound of the elements silicon and oxygen. Silicon has the form of a diverse and not entirely suitable for use in humans. With this consideration, the use of silicon in terms of human soft tissue filler judged illegal and banned in most countries.
Charging through the injection of dermal tissue is generally considered safe, but can cause side effects.
  • Initial side effects: In a few days to weeks, this technique can cause side effects such as skin redness accompanied by pain, bumps, bruising, itching, hypersensitivity reactions , and inflammation for a few days. To minimize it can by pressing and using ice packs on the skin that become infected.
  • Delayed side effects: The side effects could emerge in the next delayed for weeks to years, such as inflammatory granulomas, nodules, gaps and raised scarring, as well as charging implant migration.
However, it is back again on the material used to fill the skin tissue ( filler ). Currently, many different materials that can be used. However, liquid silicone is not received safety approval from relevant parties.

Injecting silicon and Side Effects Incurred

The use of silicon is quite popular in the field of body and beauty treatments face.Commonly used silicone injections are some people who want instant steps to appear more beautiful and charming. Location silicone injections are often done on the face, breasts, hips, buttocks, chest, arms, up to the genitals.
One country that prohibits treatment silicone injections are the United States since 1992. However, there are still persons who use it as easily available and cheaper than professional plastic surgery methods.
Silicon in liquid form itself has been used for more than a decade ago as forming agent and dermal fillers or skin tissue. radiologist stated that the use of liquid silicone injections can cause a life-threatening risk users, namely: pulmonary embolism A study that examined 44 patients with post-injections of liquid silicone, 25 percent of whom died of bleeding in the lungs.

Effects amping salts ilikon for embesarkan ayudara

Silicone injections were performed not by doctors or professionals often override the safety of patients. The use of syringes alternated created a risk of transmitting the disease high immunodeficiency virus, or HIV / AIDS . In addition, consumers will be exposed to the risk of contracting hepatitis B and hepatitis C because of the mixing of blood from the use of needles alternated turns. Silicone injections are also at risk of causing abscesses , severe swelling and death.
To avoid the danger of silicone injections, choose another method that is relatively safe in consultation with your doctor to get the right solution. This method has also been approved procedures by the relevant parties. Generally, doctors will recommend methods of breast implants or some other way to raise breast safely .
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