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Churros are the light meal the hits lately. Because of easy preparation, snacks Spaniard fits into the dish in the family. In order not to get bored, churros can be combined with a variety of flavors and toppings.

ALTHOUGH categorized in donuts, churros have a unique characteristic. The shape is not round, but oval with a serrated surface. It was also different.Churros have a savory taste, the texture of the crunchy outside and soft on the inside.
In the original form, churros directly can be enjoyed. If you want to add flavors, chef Laurent Guesdon explained that the churros can be combined with dipping sauce as well as a wide selection of toppings according to taste.
For example, presented executive chef Sheraton Hotel Surabaya this time. There are four variants churros that can be tried at home. Among other things, the original churros, churros with chocolate sauce, churros with strawberry sauce, and churros with pineapple sauce.
In his home country, according to chef Laurent, churros enjoyed as a snack. '' In Spain, churros became friends when people go to the beach, park, or the streets, '' said the 42-year man was in English.
Churros are categorized snacks were quite filling. Therefore, these snacks made from wheat flour so that the primary can be eaten as a booster between meals.
Basically, churros are eaten by dipping it into a cup of hot chocolate. The habit is growing. Churros can be dipped in dyes of different flavors, good chocolate sauce or hours, according to the tastes of the audience. However, churros still be served as an afternoon tea or coffee.
Although churros including perishable food items, about two days, a chef born in France, February 14th, 1971, it suggested that the churros be enjoyed while still warm. '' Feels kriuk, churros more enjoyable, '' said chef 's glasses.
In the manufacturing phase, chef Laurent has a special trick. He was advised to use boiling water when mixing the ingredients. The reason, the doughy churros can be formed and a softer texture. '' The difference is striking when you put boiling water or not. Texture so do not tender and not overcooked average when using cold water, '' he explained.
After that, the dough is put into a plastic mold. Laurent affirmed that the strong force when the dough needs to be removed so as to form churros jagged perfect. Without the container is placed in the first, the batter directly into the pan.
Snacks, real name Chi-Chi is actually not a diameter of patents. The size ofchurros can be changed according to taste. The most important thing to keep using the serrated and long-shaped mold. '' You could use a serrated mold size according to taste. However, do not be too thick so that the texture in it remains tasteful, '' said the father of one child. (Fri / C14 / NDA)


  1. 16 tablespoons t.terigu
  2. 1 whole egg
  3. 1 1/2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  4. 1/4 tsp salt
  5. 250 ml air
  6. 3 1/2 tablespoons butter
  7. 1/4 tsp vanilla (optional)


  1. Pour the water, sugar, salt and butter. Then cook. Boil and stir until all dissolved. Narrow spiny
  2. Stir in the flour and stir quickly and average ... turn off the stove.Then stir until smooth. (I use the spatula to stir the wood)
  3. If not done evenly. Stir until more dull then let stand until warm log .. ... less more 10mnit. A warm dkira2 Tp
  4. Whisk the egg off .. enter into to flour dough (dough ascertained dam not hot but warm conditions). Stir until blended and smooth back
  5. The dough is ready. Bs can be directly deposited DKM fried or freezer.
  6. I do not use a syringe. Jd directly form use handNot sticky. I let long-term shape similar to the shape ... shape directly churros mostly fried with fire being tended rather large (me too brown dgoreng da yg jd too crisp. I less like) my acording too preferably golden mouth only.
  7. BNY fried with a little oil. submerged batter oil. Fry until golden. Lift. Ready to be served.My son's favorite chocolate peanut butter dab ... could too spiked with powdered sugar .. 
  8. Nb: if you want to save. Form churros already ready to taste.Place the container store. Enter into the freezer ... when they snack. Staying out past conflicts fried fries .. with the same step.
  9. Good luck ... happy cooking. This sighting shape it. Churros is eaten directly n crisp tender delicious .. in the. If eaten cold nanti2 pas .. tasty too. So soft ... although not dry  warm timeout. but permanent delicious ... try bun please feel ..


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