what causes pathological leukorea ?

What Causes Pathological vaginal discharge?

All women must have experienced the so-called white because these symptoms are common due to hormonal changes such as the pre- or post-menstruation, during pregnancy, or in the fertile period. Then what is the cause of vaginal discharge that? What is meant by whitish in this review is whitish pathological or abnormal vaginal discharge that is included in the category of disease. Here are the things you need to know about vaginal discharge and trigger pathological.
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Whitish What Causes Disease?

Pathological vaginal discharge can lead to a variety of negative effects that harm women's reproductive health. Whitish occurs because the infection can cause premature birth with organs that have not fully grown. This could lead to respiratory problems, deficiencies in sight, even the worst is death.
The characteristics of pathological vaginal discharge, among others, the discharge textured thick, milky white or greenish yellow, itchy, smell bad, and very much so cause discomfort. Specifically what the cause leukorea is the following:
  1. Cleanliness; interference can occur if the person concerned is less attention to hygiene intimate organ.Sex organs increased humidity can form a suitable environment as a place to grow pathogens triggers vaginal discharge.
  2. stress; Mental condition can also affect the onset of vaginal discharge because it can trigger a hormonal imbalance in the body, including hormones in the reproductive organs.
  3. Drugs; Consumption of drugs such as antibiotics for a long time can result in the weakening of the immune someone so easily infected with viruses or bacteria including those that cause vaginal discharge. In addition to antibiotics, birth control pills can also trigger whitish disrupt hormonal balance.
  4. mushrooms; Whitish can also occur due to a fungal infection called candidas or monilia. The characteristics of vaginal discharge due to fungal infections is cause inflammation or redness of the sex organs, discharge is very thick, and smells.
  5. Parasite Trichomonas vaginalis ; This parasite can be contracted from sexual intercourse, using a bath infected with the parasites, and public toilets. Characteristics are whitish out dark yellow or green, frothy, and it smelled fishy and inflicting pain on the sex organs.
  6. Bacteria gardnella; Whitish caused by a bacterial infection will trigger itching gardnella outstanding on the sex organs.
  7. Virus; some types of viruses are also known to trigger vaginal discharge, such as HIV / AIDS, condyloma, herpes, and conyloma. Not only cause itching or discharge excessive foul-smelling, whitish due to viral infection also sometimes cause pimples on sex organs. Pathological vaginal discharge due to virus infection can be caused by changing partners in a sexual relationship.
Once you know what the cause of vaginal discharge as reviewed above, you should be vigilant and immediately conduct investigation when finding symptoms of pathological vaginal discharge. If left to only the consequences will be fatal for you.


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