Dislokasi - Symptoms, causes and treatment

Understanding Dislokasi 

Dislokasi is injury to the joints. This injury occurs when the bones shifting and exit from the position normally on joints. Most cases dislokasi occurs as a result of a clash of experienced by the joints. For example when playing basketball or fall from the bike.
Diskolasi generally occurs on your finger and shoulders. However, other joints such as the knee hip, square hands and ankles can also experience this injury.
Dislokasi - Symptoms, causes and treatment

The symptoms of Dislokasi

Main symptoms dislokasi usually will be visible through the incongruity that appears in the form of joints. For example, appears strange lump in the near context or the socket joints. The joint will also experience swelling, bruises, feels very sick and cannot be moved. I I feel very funny sensation or tingling also sometimes appear around or under the joints that experience dislokasi.
This injury including emergency conditions that require medical treatment to restore the bones on the position that should be. Therefore to the hospital immediately if you or your child experienced those symptoms.

The diagnosis and treatment of Dislokasi

This injury tends to be difficult to distinguish with broken bones. In addition to check the damage to the form of joints and blood circulation in the area, the doctor will also recommend X-ray and MRI scans to ensure the diagnosis. The situation of the skin in that area is also examined to search for the existence of open wound.
After you positive experience dislokasi joints, the doctor will determine the treatment that you will live based on joints that experience dislokasi and extent levels. The following are some steps in the handling of that usually done.
  • Restore the bones on the position that should be manually or called reduction actions.
  • Blocks the movement of the joints after the position of the bones returned or called imobilisasi. For example with wearing the cradle joints, usually several weeks.
  • The operation. This procedure is required if the restore process manual bones cannot be done; happen complications such as damage to the blood vessels, nerve, ligamen around the location of dislokasi; or dislokasi occur repeatedly.
  • The rehabilitation process. This program will walk by patients after the cradle removed and aims to train the joints so that mobility and strength of joints that injury can return reversible.
In addition to the handling of professionally, there are some simple steps that we can do after the joints to be treated by the doctor to help the healing of the joints that injury. The steps are: 
  • Found sharply deteriorating joints that experience diskolasi. Make sure you avoid movements that trigger pain or cause injury.
  • Mengompres joints that injury with warm water and ice cubes. Simple antipyretic cool can reduce inflammation and pain. While simple antipyretic warm will help loosen the muscles that tense.
  • Using drugs pereda hospital if needed, for example ibuprofen.
  • To train the joints that injury according to the instructions from the doctor or therapists. This is done to help the joints you are familiar with the movement and not stiff.

The complications of Dislokasi

If left without medical treatment, dislokasi will become more severe and can cause several complications. Among them include: 
  • Nerve damage or blood vessels in or around the joints.
  • Sobeknya, ligamen muscles and tendons on joints that injury.
  • The emergence of arthritis on joints that injury increases with age ..
  • Increasing the likelihood of injury to return to happen. This complication usually occurs on a severe dislokasi fowl or occur repeatedly.

Prevention of Dislokasi

Beware and be careful in every activity is the primary way to avoid dislokasi. This step can be done with the way: 
  • Avoid activity or movement that causes dislokasi.
  • Use protective when exercising, for example helmet when cycling.
  • Make sure your house is a child friendly environment, for example does not allow items scattered on the floor so that no one stumble.
  • Always consider and monitor your children.
  • Teach the attitude carefully and vigilance on your children, for example for holding on to the fence household when up or down the stairs.


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