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Trumping En Masse Through the Revolving Door - the Trump Advisory and Transition Teams

We have frequently posted on the revolving door as a type of severe conflict of interest, if not corruption, affecting health care.  Our posts have covered various cases of people going from influential positions in or related to health care and some anti-health corporations, and government positions that make health care policy or regulate health care. 

Donald J Trump, the president elect, has pledged to "drain the swamp," that is, to generally reduce crony capitalism, conflicts of interest, the revolving door, and government corruption (e.g., look here.)  However, it appears that his campaign advisory/ transition team has been full of people who had just traversed the revolving door.  Examples I have found so far follow, in alphabetical order.

Rich Bagger

Back in July, 2016, per BioCentury Extra

EVP of Consumer Affairs and Market Access Rich Bagger has taken a leave of absence from Celgene Corp to work on the transition team for presidential candidate Donald Trump....
Mr Bagge…

Whose Hospitals Are They, Anyway? - Steward to Sell Off, but Continue Operating All Its Hospitals

This looks like the latest trend in the financialization of and diffusion of accountability for health care organizations.  The case involves good ol' Steward Health Care, which was the subject of quite a few Health Care Renewal posts back in the day.

Background - Caritas Christi Bought by Cerberus Capital Management, Became Steward Health Care

[Cerberus, the three headed dog, per William Blake]

Steward is what used to be Caritas Christi Health Care System, formerly a Catholic, non-profit health care system in Massachusetts.  In 2010, Caritas Christi was purchased by Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity, aka leveraged buyout firm, which was known for its not very successful run managing Chrysler (look here) and GMAC (look here).  Cerberus also had enlarging holdings in the gun industry, later expanded into the Freedom Group, and in military contracting, specifically including DynCorp which hired armed "security forces" and was involved in multiple scandals in Iraq,…