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Dry Socket - Symptoms, causes and treatment

The sense of Dry Socket Dry socket or alveolar osteitis is inflammation conditions experienced by the jaw bones on three or four days after tooth extraction permanent. The complications that occur after tooth extraction attack 2-3 percent patients, and 20 percent of them had to revoke the youngest molar teeth (wisdom teeth) .

Divertikulitis - Symptoms, causes and treatment

Understanding Divertikulitis Divertikulitis is a condition in which the colon pouch (large intestine) experiencing inflammation or infection. The formation of the pouch or a lump in the walls of the small intestine itself is a common disorder named divertikula. The formation of divertikula that occurs on the wall of the colon known with the name divertikulosis. Until this time, have not known what the main causes of divertikulosis. But the experts suspect that low diet of fiber become catalyst.

Dispareunia - Symptoms, causes and treatment

Understanding Dispareunia Dispareunia or painful intercourse is pain that appears continuously or during the time in the testicles and occurs shortly before, during or after having sexual intercourse. The Vagina, which unite over, and labia are areas that are generally pain when patients dispareunia do sexual relations.

Dislokasi Shoulder - Symptoms, causes and treatment

Understanding Dislokasi Shoulder Dislokasi shoulder is a condition in which the bones of the arms of the top out of the bowl guard. In some cases, network around it can participate interested with hardware or torn.
The joints of a bullet on the shoulders are in the protection of bowls (socket) a small. This makes the shoulder we can be moved freely in all directions, but at the same time also make its position becomes unstable and easy to experience dislokasi.

Dislokasi - Symptoms, causes and treatment

Understanding Dislokasi  Dislokasi is injury to the joints. This injury occurs when the bones shifting and exit from the position normally on joints. Most cases dislokasi occurs as a result of a clash of experienced by the joints. For example when playing basketball or fall from the bike.
Diskolasi generally occurs on your finger and shoulders. However, other joints such as the knee hip, square hands and ankles can also experience this injury.