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HCCA’s Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 25 September at 3:00pm in the Griffith Community Hall. It was a magnificent event with a very strong turnout and I would like to thank to all attendees for their time and participation.
We are very pleased to introduce our new Executive Committee as elected at our AGM.  Our Executive Committee members are as follows: - Dr Sue Andrews – President - Dr Michelle Banfield - Vice-President - Hugh Crawford – Treasurer - Bill Heins - Member (for two year term) - Fran Parker - Member (for two year term) - John Didlick -Member (for two year term) - Marcus Bogie - Member (for two year term) - Adele Stevens - Member (for one year term) - Bev McConnell - Member (for one year term)
HCCA would like to thank the outgoing Executive Committee members David Lovegrove for his support for HCCA over many years and contribution to the governance of this organisation.
The AGM was followed by a panel discussion on the politics of health and the role of consume…