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Vitamin B Complex: The Wonder Vitamin, What's So Important About It? Part 2

Yesterday I told you how I first came to learn of the importance of Vitamin B Complex and that link will be at the bottom of this page.

TODAY I'm going to tell you just WHY Vitamin B Complex is so vital to our own existence.

Vitamin B Complex contains all of the

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eight B vitamins.  And

Vitamin B Complex: The Wonder Vitamin Part 1

The blog gets so many questions about Vitamin B Complex, what it does for you, where to get it and all of it's benefits that we decided to give it it's own "front page"... and you're on it!

I first came to know about Vitamin B

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Complex when Kim was in the 8th grade.  She had been having

Vitamin B Complex: The Wonder Worker

God works in mysterious ways.  I've always known that and yesterday was just one more example of how he works in my life and in the life of this blog

I worked in the gardens a few hours yesterday and

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when I do that...often the phone will ring and I'll have to run inside to answer it if I'm

It's Stress Awareness Month! Let's Talk About It!

It's stress awareness month...and for goodness sakes alive...I AM SURE AWARE OF IT! 

"Stress is our psychological and biological organisms response to a stress factor such as an environmental condition or stimulus."  And stress is the body's way of reacting to a challenge. And it does that by activating the nervous system. 

All I can tell you for a fact is that my stress