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Natural Laundry Soap- Soapnuts!


This is what I've been using for my laundry for the past three weeks. Soapnuts. Is that wild or what? These little berries clean my laundry.  I put three in a little drawstring bag, drop in with my clothes, and they get everything all clean!

At first I thought I was not going to let the bag with soap nuts go through the rinse cycle, because it couldn't be good to let there be soap in the rinse water, right? After fishing the little bag out a couple times, I kept forgetting, and my clothing still comes out clean. No residue, no chemical stink, no nothin' but clean clothes!

About every 5 wash loads I toss the older soap nuts and replace them with new ones in the little drawstring bag.   To check if the soapnuts still are going to work in your laundry, you can put them in a little water and shake up, watching to see if bubbles form.
a stack of clean cloth diapers
Before recommending these to you, I wanted to try them for a couple weeks. I can gladly say that they work on my …

Essential Oils for Beginners (What we use and why)


I don't know very much about essential oils, but I've used a few basic ones around my house for the past few years. We're running low (only have tea tree oil and a little camphor left, not my favorite smells) so I'm getting ready to put an order in through Mountain Rose Herbs and I thought I'd share what we use, when, and why.

I'll be honest, a lot of my 'why' has to do with because it smells good.  I know a lot of these have some powerful antibacterial/microbial qualities too.  Of course, if using essential oils on skin you'll always want to dilute them.  I usually buy 1 oz size, for me that lasts plenty long and is affordable.

Lavender- I like adding this to my laundry.  I put a couple drops in the rinse if I catch the washer in the rinse cycle, or I'll add about 5 drops to a damp washcloth and put it in the dryer with the laundry.Tea Tree- Treatment topically for mastitis, when we lived in the country I'd put a drop on the head of a ti…