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Report from a Consumer Rep - Online feedback for users, carers and providers

Below is a report by Consumer Representative Bernard Borg-Caruana on a recent session he attended on online feedback for users, carers and providers.
Online feedback for users, carers and providersThis session provided the challenges of gathering and publishing online feedback and recommended ways of increasing the potential of this avenue for users, carers and providers.Lisa Trigg of the London School of Economics and Political Science presented on online rating and reviews for care providers.This is in relation to the MyAgedCare website. The presentation for Aged Care  is where the Australian Government is implementing it. However in the UK it applies to all facilities and similar principles apply.Aged Care covers:  community care, residential aged care and high care facilities.How can you measure quality and the consumer experience?Presentation 1.Why is it important?
2.Policy Context
5.OpportunitiesWhy is it Important?Online reviews are the new word of mouth that 5…