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The Adventures of ZookTwinkle: Life With Grandpa Geezer and Granny Goose

ZookTwinkle on the way to Liam's 3rd birthday party.

Well what a week it's been for ZookTwinkle during his first full week of living in Round Knob Canyon.

I feel Zookie really loves it here.  He's always smiling and you never see him without a giggle on his face.

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His first day in Round Knob

The Encourager's Club: How To Create Happiness

It's a zippity doo dah ding dong day in Round Knob Canyon this morning and today is The Encourager's Club:  The Warm and Fuzzy Side and today we're going to talk about just a very few simple ways to create happiness. 

I'm also thinking this

will be the last weekend for 2 days of The Encourager's Club because I'm going to be needing to work in the adventures of my new adopted garden

The Adventures of NookTwinkle: My Mischievous Garden Gnome

You may be rich or you may be really financially strapped, but until you have adopted a mischievous little garden're missing out on something really grand in life.

A friend adopted a garden gnome recently and suggested friends do the same and get the game started called "Where is my Gnome?"

That game came about back in 1986 when someone 'kidnapped' a garden gnome from a