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A Stroll Back Into The Easter of My Childhood

Let's take a stroll for just a bit this mornin'...back into the Easter of my childhood.  It's no secret that I'm stuck in the 1950's and oh my goodness how I'd love to spend just one more day way back there.

Growing up the little girl of a Baptist preacher...and in a house full of girls...sorry to admit 

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this, but Easter

Frugal Gifts This Holiday Season: Bookmarks and Marshmallow Fudge Brownies

Nourishing Gourmet asked for this week's Pennywise Platter Thursday post to be about frugal gifts, nourishing if possible. For "Nourishing" I wanted to direct you over to the post I made on my craft blog about bookmarks that I made for gifts this year. They're simple and fun to do, and the wool felt that they're made out of makes them feel more special. (trust me, the wool felt is worth it to use over craft store acrylic felt). For readers on your Christmas list, especially those who are intrigued by this whole real foods thing, a hand made bookmark and Nourishing Traditions or another book (see my Recommended Reading post) would be a perfect nourishing inspiring gift.

I love Kimi's idea of a Nature's Candy Box as a gift for fellow real food lovers.

But I also understand that not everyone really would appreciate whole foods, so I just try to give them what they would enjoy. Chocolate. Sugar. Marshmallows. Here's my Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge Brown…