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New HHS Secretary, rather than singing unabashed praise for EMRs like his predecessors, states the obvious. However, the "solutions" are the usual boilerplate.

In the past, politicians on both sides of the aisle have generally sung unfettered and uncritical praise for electronic medical records and other health IT systems.

Perhaps letters like this one from Jan. 2015, from near 40 major US medical societies bemoaning the injurious effects of health IT on medical practice, have finally had an effect:

In any case, this recent article caught me by surprise:

HHS Secretary Price promises reduced health IT burden for physicians
April 27, 2017
Gregory Twachtman
Frontline Medical News

WASHINGTON – Reducing IT burden for doctors and fostering interoperability are two top tech priorities for Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, MD.

"We simply have to do a better job of reducing the burden of health IT on physicians and all health care providers,” Dr. Price said Apri…